We all know sleep is an important part of achieving results during any type of health and fitness transformation as well as promoting optimal health and wellness. 

Sleep deprivation is known to lead to a number of deleterious effects on the mind and body 

· Decreased energy expenditure 

· Reduced insulin sensitivity 

· Impaired energy metabolism

· Reduced athletic performance

· Decreased recovery

· Impaired muscle growth

· Accelerated muscle breakdown

· Lethargy

· Mental distress

· Poorer mood

· Impaired decision making

Chronic sleep deprivation also led to increased risk of developing certain lifestyle disorder including obesity, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease and stroke

With everything I just talked about not getting enough sleep is also a big deal with weight gain or Fat gain

Due to a combo of reduced physical activity because of lack of sleep as well as impaired energy metabolism and increased calorie intake

Sleep deprivation has been known to increase the feelings of hunger and reduce the feelings of satiety. This is because the lower leptin levels (satiety hormone) and the higher ghrelin (hunger hormone) 

Onto of that yea theres a lot to do with sleep but it also increases your cravings for high-calorie, salty, fatty foods. Higher calorie intake with reduced physical activity is a masterpiece for unwanted weight gain.

Might explain why we crave things like bacon, cheese fries, pizza, pancakes, etc when we are tired. Or just snacking more throughout the day add extra calories

So, sleep could be a major part of you eating poorly and just not feeling up to par. Some ways to help get better sleep!

· Set a bedtime and stick to it

· Avoid caffeine and alcohol before bed

· Avoid blue light 2hrs prior to bed (tablets, laptops, tv, phones)

· Use your bedroom only for sleep and sex

· Keep your room cool and dark

· Wear loose comfy clothes to sleep in

· Meditate/pray

· Journal

· Read

· Have a cup of tea

· Stretch/light yoga

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